How to get driving license without agent

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Now yesterday I went to Virar RTO office for my permanent license. It’s an easier process than learning license but you need to drive a four as well as two wheeler vehicle.
Here are the instructions and step by step process to apply for Permanent driving license.
Documents you need to carry
Form No 4: Permanent license form. You can get this from adjacent Xerox center.
One passport size photograph
Form No 2 with receipt: You get this Form 2 after your
learning driving license.
Learning Licenses (Two wheeler and four wheeler)
Pen, Stapler, Glue

Step 1: How to fill Form No 4
Its simple form where you have to fill your basic details and stick your passport size photograph on page number 1. On back side of page you have to fill details about your learning license like Learner License no. (Enter both two and four wheeler if you applying for both), Learning license issue date and your signature.
Step 2: Payment
After filling form no 4 attach this form with your both learning licenses and form no 2 (Learner license form). Then go to window number 1 where you have to pay permanent license fee. (Official time for this window is 10 AM but you won’t find anyone there till 10:45AM) Official fee of permanent license is Rs. 363 but they always take Rs 20-30 extra. Don’t know why. I never asked. After payment you will get payment receipt. This receipt has two section in it and you have to tear one half (Right side) of the receipt and keep with you. This piece of paper will act as a permanent license till you get the permanent license (Smart Card) from government post. Attach other half of payment receipt to form no 4 (use stapler).

Step 3: Driving Test
For driving test you have to wait for the transport officer to come out. You have to submit your form no 4 to him and he will ask you to ride a bike. Just go to the track which is in shape of 8 (English numeric number eight) and ride your bike on that track. Make sure you have helmet with you. It’s not necessary as I have seen many riders without helmet but never predict the mood of transport officer. He not even look at you while you riding on that track. Just park your bike and go to officer and tell him that you drove bike there so he can write something on your form no 4.

After bike he can ask to drive a car. You have to drive a car in shape of English alphabet X. Like you have to drive straight for about 20 meters and then you need to dive reverse in shape of S. Actually it never create X shape but they says it as X shape driving. But my case officer just ask me take a car in front of him and drive in reverse gear and park somewhere else. Again he never looked at you while driving. I honk him to get his attention that I am driving a car.
Now again go to officer and tell him that you drove car. He write something in code language.

Step 4: Make an entry in register.
This is the last step. You can see a guy sitting on the bench with couple of registers. You have to submit this form to him. He will create an entry in a register and take your signature.
Not just wait for 45 days for your permanent driving license. You will get your driving license through government post within 45 days. Once you receive the license make sure you check all the information is correct on it else you will have to visit RTO office for correction.

Note: Government claiming that RTO in Maharashtra is now agent free but there are many agents who takes Rs 600 to 900 from you for above procedure apart from the official government fees.
If you know basic driving of car and bike don’t go for agent and get your permanent driving license your own.

Time: 3 Hours Approx. In time 10:30 AM and out time 12:45 PM. Please reach early to avoid rush. I went on Saturday so there was more people than weekdays.
Total Money spend: Rs. 400 Approx

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