How to apply for the learning driving license.

This is my actual experience with RTO office in Virar.

Now RTO office stop entertaining agents for license and other RTO related work. So I went Virar office for my learning license. Other RTO offices started the online appointment system for learning license not Vasai-Virar.

Here are the steps and instructions you need to follow for applying learning driving license.

Important Step: Carry lots of patience as you are going to government office.

Documents you need to carry:
Form 2: Learning license form
Medical Form: (it’s compulsory for truck drivers to do a medical test from doctors and submit the certificate to RTO office) for normal applicants you have to just fill the form.
Identity / address proof: Passport / Aadhar card / Pan Card / Ration card.
I have carried all these documents with one photocopy and original, however I have submitted only photocopy of passport. And they don’t even bother to see the original one. For safer side take all documents with you.

You can get the Form No 2 and Medical from nearest Xerox center which adjacent to RTO office. Owener will charge you Rs. 5 for both the form.
Carry pen to fill the form and glue to stick you photo on form, otherwise you end up with buying the new gluestick and pen (which is available in Xerox shop)

Form No 2 and medical form required some basic information like full name, address, blood group etc.

Step 1: Verification of documents.
After filling the form you need to verify documents with regional transport officer (The officer wears khakhi as a regular police officer). He regularly sits outside on a bench but most of the time he is relaxing in his cabin. I went directly to his cabin to verify documents. He signed on document and wrote something in code words without looking at all documents.
Make sure you tell him what type learning license you need i.e. 2 wheeler as well as 4 wheeler. So he can write something in ‘cryptic language’ on that form.

Step 2: Payment.
You have to visit window number 1 where you need to submit the verified documents along with fees.
Now where I visited window number 1, Honorable mam asked me Rs. 80, She returned Rs 30 back to me when I gave her Rs. 100. Confused??? The actual fees is Rs. 24.93 for one type of license and my case there were 2 licenses. One for 2-Wheeler and other for 4-Wheeler, So total was Rs 50. SO I DON’T KNOW WHERE THE REMAINING RS. 20 WERE.  I didn’t ask for Rs 20 as I was in government office.
After submitting the fees you will get a receipt from window number 1.

Step 3: Photograph
Beside the window number 1 you can see one door where you can ask for photograph. They entered your information in the system. Make sure they have entered all spelling correctly. Then they will take a photograph, thumb impression and signature.

Step 4: Exam !!
Yes. RTO now started online test for learning license. I got to know while asking the next procedure to office guys. So I didn't even know anything about test. I googled RTO exam test and found few links with demo exam and read those questions.

I got the whole question bank later which you can download here. So I got only 10 minutes to prepare for test. After some time Same officer who verified my document, called few names.
About test: Test is objective online test you have answer 15 questions. There are 10-12 working computers (Windows 8, Yes windows 8) on which you have to give test.

So out of 15 questions you need to give 8 answers correct to pass the exam. If you fail in test, you have start from step 1.

So in my case, questions were quite straight forward. 60% questions are based on road sign. My 10 minutes preparation gave me 13 out of 15.
After you cleared the exam officer stamp on your document and sign over it.
Its done……

Step 5: Go outside and make an entry in a register
Make sure you take a photocopy of form number 2 before submitting it.

As per the RTO it will take 2 working days for learning license. And you don’t need to visit personally to collect the license you have to just handover the photocopy of form 2 to anyone and get the license.

Total Money spend: Rs 82 (including photocopies)
Total time spend: 90 Minutes (Including government waiting time)

Download question bank for test here

(Right click on the link and save link)

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